Thursday - 01- February - 2007

"Snaplate Systems" has Unlimited Potential for the right company in North America. Our review has prompted a decision to seek a New Home, one with an appreciation for the importance of industrial safety, and a commitment to the sale of the finest versatile safety products on the market, a new home which includes a TEAM, departments of engineering, estimating, fabricating, QC, QA, marketing and sales.

We would like to see Snaplate Systems do well, with a Manufacturing Co. to expedite it's applications onto Industrial projects -- globally. The allocation of products can be administered by engineering, maintenance and construction teams, to suit any equipment layout on any Industrial or Commercial Project. Install without Hot-Work.

We are selling American (U.S.A.) and Canadian Patents, in good standing, including any copyright, trade mark or legally associated rights, by which our Patent Attorneys and Business Advisors may deem inclusive with this complete package.
The "SnaPlate Systems" Business will INCLUDE;
Conditions of Sale for this package are subject to approval and acceptance by myself and SnaPlate's Legal Representatives. A complete sales agreement will be custom drafted to be considered for the reserved price of $500,000.00CAD, Canadian Funds, payable to Bert Weber, (Negotiable Terms, Royalties, and In Trust). Snaplate Systems was invented to fill a need around rotating equipment at a new gold mine, and is presently debt and lien free.

Yours truly,

Bert Weber, Owner, Telephone- 250-579-5356, (CDN GST No. 88018-6358 RT)
mail: ; 2604 Sandpiper Dr., Kamloops, B.C., Canada, V2B 6G2

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