SnaPlate™ Systems’ the "Ridge-anchor",

Anchor for Construction on Inclines. Classified as a TEMPORARY FALL RESTRAINT ANCHOR, per WCB of BC, section 11.14, sub (1), requires an ultimate load capacity of at least 3.5kN, (800 lbs). Accepts lanyards, or lifelines with rope grab, attachable to work positioning assemblies and to harness.

Our two types of "Ridge-anchors" are designed to anchor two rafters, trusses or Truss-joists at 24" on center, adjustable to grab 2x4 to 2x12, or 9.5" to 20" deep truss-joists on virtually any incline. Unique feature; As tension increases on line, both legs clamp tighter to rafters, no damage.

Best anchorage is achieved by anchoring near or on the ridge, on wood shims or wedges under frame for legs to grasp snug at underside of rafter.

Both units are sold with four load-rated shackles. Two chains, each retain one industrial safety pin for lock-wedge and one pivot bolt to set and hold each leg. Adjust each leg independently, one on 2x4 while other on 2x6, etc. Each type is lockable in position, workable on either side, capable of workers on either side at the same time, to balance tension restraint.

Units are maintenance free, re-useable indefinitely, priced very reasonably.
(All personal safety gear, lanyards, pulleys, lines are not included.)

Powder coated Safety Yellow.

"Save money", "Costs Less", "Dependable", "Reliable", "No harm to structure", "Re-use indefinitely"
Designed to meet or exceed most safety codes
& regulations in North America

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