SnaPlate™ Systems’ the "QUADRI-POD", Confined Space Entry.

Our "Vertical Rescue Frame" was developed for rescuing from confined spaces, capable of several vertical lifelines. Provides safe rigging of equipment, tools during underground maintenance.

SnaPlate’s "Q-Pod" is flexible yet rigid, with independently adjustable (+/-25deg.) legs to 50-degree total stance, telescope from about 4’-3" up to 8’-9" above level or uneven ground. Adjusts easily on site.

The beam is designed to receive your trolleys or beam clamps, from which hoisting devices can be controlled during operations. Trolleys will not come off the beam when the unit is assembled. Lifting bars at ends permit erecting, moving unit with equipment.

Leg axles on each end of beam, are connected with four structural bolts.These retain and hold telescoping swivel legs, plus internal operators.Special bolts maintain and lock leg stance at desired positions. Two 1/4" x 10’- ground chains to maintain leg stance. (Not included.) Feed chains through keyholes provided in leg collars, 1- with each leg. Legs have medium hard vinyl, chemical and impact resistant tips.

As shown assembled, weighs about 575 lbs, (260 kg.) Assembles and dismantles quickly and easily, with hand tools.
It will fit into an 8’- pickup truck box. Powder coated Safety Yellow

"Save money", "Quick setup", "Increase access", "Increase productivity"

Designed to meet or exceed most safety codes
& regulations in North America

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