High Stands (Load Rated for Electrical, Cable Tray, Service Piping)
Quick setups! Perfect for Permanent or Temporary use!
Components are pre-engineered with large SnaPlates.
Fit best over predetermined load points,
nearly anywhere on bar grating, sound concrete,
steel or timber floors or roof decks with
the use of approved anchoring devices/methods as designed.
Our 3-D adjustable features provide safe,
flexible support for directional lighting,
and/or under crane shadows.
Install M & E runs to any equipment
during routine maintenance,
construction or "Shut-Downs".
All stands have Caps for your magnetic strobes and
HD-SBR's (Single Bolt Riserclamp) for any height.

Our optional double or triple SWING-COLLARS, permit quick connectable, flexible with single or double 40" struts for mounting compatible fixtures, optionally on top or bottom of arms.

Our reversible, quick pinning CHANNEL-BEAMS allow for increased load & span, optional height positioning while either self supported or braced.

(Loading and Spans of trays or piping will determine the sizes of bases, posts and the need for bracing between them.)
Combinations are available to suit your site and for wherever environmentally sensitive or volatile atmospheres may exist.

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No cutting or welding required! Installation ready!
New Products -
"Roof-anchor " , Anchor for Construction on Inclines.
"QUADRI-POD" Confined Space Entry.