Our NEW Portable Fence Barriers are fairly HEFTY.

Available in 2 weights, for civilian
or policing control type applications.
Both resist 4" ball, durable for abuse.

They can be ordered as "Portable" with two
pairs of "Swivel Legs" as shown, for "Crowd Control".
Swivels will lock open or closed,
For easier handling and storage.

Order as "Permanent" (without swivels) for on tops of Structural Curbs or Retaining walls. They can be 4-bolted down on both legs. Standard sections are 43" high, and 10’-4" long. Ends and rods are sealed for longevity. Powder coated

Safety Yellow."Save money", "Save time", "Save storage",
"Save maintenance"

RIGID PANEL GUARDS (ridgid frames, with any System)

Load rated to provide constant protection from continuous rotating equipment, foreign parts. Heavy Duty SnaPlates permit quick & easy setting in any direction, kick plate to retain floor items and top picking loops make handling easier.

(Compatible with our FREE STANDING, SLAB-GRAB Systems or Wall Brackets.)

Bases for Scaffold Tower
Provide a safe and dependable work environment by providing the assurance, eliminating the risk of tipping when or where conditions of extreme height and/or cantilever may prevail.
Bases for Chain Link Fencing
On bar grating floors. Our systems of quick install bases will allow you to set up any configuration, safely in minutes! To have the options of enlarging or relocating borders quickly, will be reflected in gained time, space and less maintenance.
Call us for a quote! We'll provide the bases or complete system.

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New Products -
"Roof-anchor " , Anchor for Construction on Inclines.
"QUADRI-POD" Confined Space Entry.