Versatile Safety Products for Bar Grating Floors and More!

"SnaPlate Systems" is pleased to introduce our new and innovative line of "Versatile Safety Products". These products are uniquely designed, compatible for use on many structural bar grating floors, adaptable to other structures.

The quick install features of our user-friendly bases allow for easy installation without hot work. All systems are engineered for the advantages of infinite reuse within volatile atmospheres during plant operation.

Your cost of maintenance will be substantially reduced, as your savings of time and material will increase. You will benefit from the options of placement to other areas, as desired, in any direction, while retaining the structure's integrity. You can eliminate the cost of rework, modifications, or replacements incurred by conventional cutting and welding.

Where hot-work sensitive areas are of concern to your Company's
operations, "SnaPlate Systems" can provide Consulting Services.

New products are being developed to reduce cost in the workplace. These re-useable, efficient devices will aid in the conservation of energy and natural resources throughout many industries.  

The System : that Costs Less!
The Products: that Install Quickly!
The Quality: that gives you Reliability!
The Best: that fits on bar-grating floors!


Bert Weber, President

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Our Products are excellent for areas where "Hot-Work" is restricted.
No cutting or welding on the site! Install with a wrench! Quick! Easy!
New Products -
"Roof-anchor " , Anchor for Construction on Inclines.
"QUADRI-POD" Confined Space Entry.